Historic Town walk

Join Sherborne Historic town tours on a 2 hour guided walking tour around the beautiful and unspoiled town of Sherborne.

Tours start and finish outside the Abbey porch. (Tour guide: Julia)

See the sights, discover the secrets, and meet the faces behind the facade. Parts of the town centre have survived almost intact since medieval times, impervious to change going on all around. The local gold coloured stone and the intermingling of architectural styles spanning over 1300 years of history,  give a special feel.

Explore Sherborne’s history and listed buildings en route. Of course, there’s so much more to the past than gorgeous buildings. Come with us and you’ll hear stories of the great and not so good of our beautiful North Dorset market town. People make a place interesting!

The past shouldn’t be dry, dusty or deadly dull!  We aim to bring local history to life with quirky facts and humorous tales. Find out about Sherborne’s association with Saxon Kings, early Christianity, medieval treasures, fire, famous Shirburnians, film locations, why Sherborne became the first town in the West of England to experience a severe bombing raid, the towns link to both Queen Victoria and Princess Diana and …………………..


Apr 07 2023


10:30 - 12:00




Outside the Abbey Porch
Julia Morris


Julia Morris
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