Discover the Three Boroughs

A fresh take on an aspect of Sherborne’s rich historical heritage a mark the 2024 tourist season.

There are two versions of the walk. One starting and finishing at Castle Garden (3½  – 4 hour route) or the shorter version which starts from The Sherborne.  Essentially, the tour can be divided into two different sections. This tour is particularly suited to group, rather than individual,  bookings

The 2½ hour walk passes the Old Castle, passes The Sherborne and finishes outside the Abbey. On route we investigate how the historical heart town evolved and the links which embrace events from 2000 years ago to the present day. An unusual way to consider the towns history which has received very positive feedback from visitors and locals who helped developed the commentary focus.

Group discount available for groups above 8 people. Contact to discuss options and details.

I look forward to giving you a different way to think about the towns, heritage, influential families and people, cultural development!

This particular tour is fully booked.


May 10 2024


10:15 - 12:30


Paul Birbeck


Paul Birbeck
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